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Whitney is a PMU/DAC dual channel solution in a 14mm X 20mm TQFP package. Whitney is made for higher voltages with a FV Range no load of 60V Range: -60V to 0V through 0V to +60V.





  • Description
    • PMU + DAC
  • Channels
    • 2 Channels
  • Package
    • 14 X 20 TQFP w/ exposed slug up 128 Lead
  • PDQ
    • 1.5mW to 1.5W / Channel
    • 1 / Channel
  • Modes
    • FV/FI
  • Comparator
    • 2 / Channel (Measure Current / Measure Voltage)
  • Monitors
    • 4 / Channel (1 High Voltage, 2 Low Voltage, 1 Low Voltage Temp)Monitor
  • DC Levels
    • On Chip
  • IMAX
    • 200 mA
  • DC Levels
    • On Chip
  • FV Range (No Load)
    • 60V over, -60V to +60V range

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