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EETIMES, May-15, 2023. The ever-evolving landscape of technology requires increasingly higher-power semiconductors, presenting a host of challenges for engineers in the field. With the latest advancements in automotive, consumer electronics, IoT, PMICs, and LED drivers, the need for higher operating voltage and current is at an all-time high. However, testing these components for optimal yield and quality while keeping testing costs under control has become increasingly difficult. Engineers must devise new methods for testing these components, including advanced thermal management solutions, test board design optimizations, and specialized test equipment to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry. In short, the quest for more potent semiconductors is a never-ending battle that requires innovation and cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of the industry.

Elevate’s Whitney, First-Ever DPS/PMU for Higher-Power Semiconductors

Until now, the absence of PMU/DPS test solutions capable of testing these higher-power semiconductors has put a significant strain on the semiconductor industry. No standard off-the-shelf solution has been available on the market. ATE and semiconductor manufacturers have been forced to rely on their own discrete-logic, customized solutions, resulting in increased complexity and testing costs.

To address these challenges, Elevate Semiconductor has released Whitney, an SoC breakthrough solution that incorporates all the necessary functions to test higher-power semiconductors in a single compact package. Whitney is designed to test the latest semiconductors found in automotive, consumer electronics, LED drivers, IoT, and PMIC

With its high-voltage technology, Whitney provides a low-glitch, fast-response, and high-density solution that can fit all customer needs and lower the cost of test. It is a two-channel high-voltage (-60V to +60V), high-current (up to 1A), and highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) per-pin Parametric Measurement Unit (PMU) and Device Power Supply (DPS), designed for the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and semiconductor test markets.


Whitney is currently in the last phases of development. Evaluation Board Kits and samples are available now with production release planned for early 2024. If you are interested In Whitney, CLICK HERE

What is a PMU?

Accurate measurement and recording of the semiconductor parameters is critical to defining the limits and guard band for the semiconductor devices, and fast measurement helps keep the cycle time and cost low. A Parametric Measurement Unit (PMU) is a critical component of semiconductor testing that enables accurate current or voltage measurement.

Power Semiconductor Market

The global highpower semiconductor market is on the rise and expected to reach US$62.26 billion by 2028. Elevate Semiconductor is at the forefront of this trend, designing and building integrated circuits that test all functions of a semiconductor from the key parametrics (power, speed, voltage) to the overall system in which the chip is designed to operate. Our circuits are accurate enough to handle the latest high-speed server processors, memory modules, and artificial intelligence (AI) FPGAs used in data center applications.

Elevate Semiconductor

Elevate is dedicated to building the future of semiconductor technology by creating the technology necessary to enable the next generation of testing. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to streamline semiconductor testing, giving you greater capabilities and a faster path to market. We offer a range of products, including standard, semi-custom, and custom SKUs, that are designed for the long term and function across generations of innovation. Let us assist you with your next project and strive to exceed your expectations by designing low-power, high-density solutions that will reduce your cost of test.


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