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The Senior Product Engineer will work with junior and other senior engineering on qualifying new products and maintaining existing chip lines. Employee is fully responsible for developing test strategies and characterization plans to fully test new products to all datasheet parameters. They will implement testing, record data, analyze results, and document conclusions to determine if chip designs and parts can be released to manufacturing status. This includes coordinating ATE and bench characterization, ESD/LU, and HTOL exercises.  

As the device enters production, the individual works closely with production facilities to transfer the product and maintain yield at acceptable levels, performing debug if there are issues. The Senior Product Engineer is expected to work across multiple organizations and disciplines, interacting heavily with design, marketing, test, quality, applications, and manufacturing groups. They work with the product schedule to ensure that all tasks are completed to bring parts into production by agreed-upon dates. Opportunities also exist in determining DFT strategies and algorithms.


  • Read and understand and produce test documentation such as board schematics/layout and part datasheets
  • Understand device schematics (Cadence / Tanner) and digital and analog circuits at the block and transistor level
  • Develop and implement test procedures on bench boards and standard lab equipment
  • Collect, analyze and make conclusions based on test data using JMP, Matlab, Excel or similar analysis tools
  • Debug new parts, software, and board hardware. Document results in JIRA or other systems.
  • Maintain a project schedule and budget
  • Develop manufacturing strategy and cost assessment of the products
  • Create characterization and Validation report for internal and external customers base on Bench / ATE data
  • Perform yield enhancement activities and drive yield improvement in NPI and production environments
  • Assist test engineering to bring up and support of test program locally and at overseas locations
  • Support Test Engineer, FA and QA, design and application teams for production qualification and customer issues

Skills/ Requirements:

  • Knowledge of digital and analog semiconductor circuits at the block and transistor level
  • Ability to fully analyze bench and/or ATE data and take actions based on conclusions
  • Understanding of schematics and debugging of PC boards
  • Understanding of ESD and Latch up in electrical components
  • Established and proven analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to resolve complex technical problems
  • Team player able to work with different groups
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • B.E.E. required with 7-12 years of applicable experience


  • Experience with scripting languages is a plus, as well as lab software like LabVIEW or Python
  • Experience with characterizing analog circuits such as DACs, Drivers, OTAs, PMUs and Comparators
  • Strong math and statistical skills are a plus


  • Flexible work schedule
  • 100% employer paid benefits
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Sabbatical Program
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Free snacks & caffeine

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